Office Workstations


A high quality, modern & agile tile-based office workstation system that is designed to deliver high levels of productivity. Panel based workstations provide employees adequately private individual spaces with modern, customisable aesthetics.
 Panel based workstations brings together elements of simplicity and functionality to generate a positive and creative workspace. The basic Panel based workstations come with 50mm, 60mm, 75mm partitions. Installation is quick and easy. Panel based workstations can also be easily taken apart and reinstalled at a new location, if required. The system has provision for inbuilt cabling & can be customised with wide variety options of Pin Up Surface, Writable Surface & Fabric Surfaces. (Fabric board, White Marker Board, Magnetic Board, Writeable Glass etc.


Desking Series presents new ideas to optimise the use of space in office environments and offers the ideal template for developing an open and welcoming workplace that is versatile and well-organised. Providing a uniform, professional aesthetic for offices with a large number of users, desk based linear maintains an environment where productivity is key. Individuals will find themselves in a pleasingly customisable space where work can be enjoyed and concentration is made easy. The Desk Based Linear arrangement presents a sustainable, economic solution and maximises space potential. The system has provision for Cable riser, Wire Managers, Flip Up box along with Screen of fabric soft board, marker board & back-painted glass with fixtures to match the system.